5 Easy Coping Ideas to get you through a Deployment

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If you have trouble adjusting to the absence of a spouse or partner use the list below to help you get some suggestion on how to cope.

Don’t try to hide your feelings

It’s normal to have feelings of sadness, loneliness, or anger when you’ve spouse is deployed and you are separated.  You don’t have to hide these feelings – that may just make it harder to deal with them. Talk about how you feel with close friend or family members who understand your situation.  Another good thing to do is to  keep a journal or write letters to your spouse or partner to help your heart not feel so heavy during a deployment.

Set some personal goals

Now that you have more time during a deployment period be open to new experiences. Try to find things to look forward to. Life is about change and you have a wonderful opportunity to do things you always wanted to do. Maybe go back to school and finish that degree or if you want something low key just take a local class at a community center. Look for temporary jobs in the area if you want to keep busy or make some extra money. Another great idea is to volunteer for something you are passionate about.

Shape the life you want to live

Try to take up a new hobby like sewing or crocheting, gardening, learn photography, or create a scrap booking club or Meetup. Technology is all around us and there are great books about web design or blogging if you want to dabble. Exercising is always a great thing to add to your daily agenda, look for classes to join and make some friends while you are at it.

Reach out to other Military Spouses

Remember that you are not alone. A good support system is a must during deployments – you need a buddy. Talk to local military wives and plan activities or events with other families who are coping with a deployment. Find a support group through your military community.

Do something special for yourself

Have a spa day, get your hair done, get a manicure or pedicure to relax and unwind.  Rent a movie or cook a meal that your spouse doesn’t enjoy. Make time to read a book you’ve wanted to read, also visit a library or nearby museum you have been meaning to.

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What are you easy coping ideas to get through a deployment? Leave a comment would love to hear from you!

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