Who is a Modern Military Spouse?

Today is “National Spouses Day” which is observed annually on January 26th.  “Dedicated to recognizing spouses everywhere, this day reminds us to take time for our spouse.”  Do you take time to appreciate and love your spouse? I would say most married military spouses do. Recognizing our spouses is a wonderful way to show just how much we care about them. I got to thinking about who are modern military spouses?

As time has passed military spouses have had to become more adaptable to and ever changing world. Military spouses today can be female or male, work inside or outside of the home and they can be straight or gay, there are no limits that define who a military spouse is. Military spouses give so much to their families just as their spouses do for our country.

Many younger families now move back to their hometowns during deployments, and spouses who stay near the military installation become more independent, adding more volunteer hours off the installation and finding work to keep themselves busy and the family more financially stable.” –  Laura Dempsey 

Modern military spouses can be career minded parents, stay at home parents who are entrepreneurs, or even go back to school or finish their degree. Whatever type of military spouse you are; you are the new generation.

I am a modern military spouse. You are a modern military spouse.

We are all modern military spouses because we live in the here and now. We causally check out smartphones while waiting in line at the commissary. We research any question about military life on the internet with a simple Google search. We steam our favorite movies on Netflix to bide the time or to feel comforted when our spouses maybe gone. We use webcams to video chat with our friends and family to stay in touch when we live far away. We stay connected and meet new military spouses online. We are modern military spouses because we realize our well-being and careers are as important as our spouses’ well-being and career. We are modern military spouses because  we want to contribute to our family.

Why are you a modern military spouse?

I am a modern military spouse because I am gay and married to my best friend and wife who fought for this great land and who is in the process of reenlisting. I am a modern military spouse because I want to spread positive vibes and I want to support other spouses who need a shoulder to lean on. I am a modern military spouse because I have my own life, I have my own hope and dreams and I have my own voice. I am a modern military spouse because I use my website and my blog to share with others.

I am proud to announce that I am part of the affiliate team for the Modern Military Spouse E-Book. This wonderful guide for modern military spouses and significant others  what you need, if you are new or if you need a few reminders.

“It’s about time we got a guide for military spouses that offers a fresh multi-dimensional perspective of what it means to be a military spouse today.” – From NexGen Blog post – I Know You’re Going to Be a Great Military Spouse by Adrianna Domingos-Lupher

We are all modern military spouses now days with apps and blogs, online forums and websites right at our finger tips.


Take this chance and get your e-book today. Its easy just click the above link and you will be taken to the website! That’s all you have to do. Get the last up to date information from modern military spouses just like you. I just got my copy today.

Have you got your copy of the Modern Military Spouse yet? What are you thoughts on the e-book? Share your comments!

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