Do you have your passport ready for travel in the US?

Do you have your passport ready for travel in the US

Let me get this right, soon everyone who travels even domestically here in the US might need a passport? Back in 2005 this act was passed and is spouse to take effect soon. The Real Id Act is what this is all about. Keep in mind anyone visiting a Federal facility or military base will need proper identification to enter. It important to determine what kind of identification will be accepted where you are trying to visit. Does that mean military spouses need to worry about whether to have a Passport or not? Yes and no. Research the law for your state and make sure your ID is the proper one and know the datelines. It’s estimated 62 percent of Americans don’t have passports.  Now, where does that leave those of you who still need passports?

Here are the dates to keep in mind if you have to travel domestically as stated on the homeland security website:

On January 8, 2016, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced the following timetable for the implementation of the REAL ID Act for air travel:

  • Starting December 15, 2016, TSA will expand outreach at its airport checkpoints through signage, handouts, and other methods.
  • Starting January 22, 2018, passengers with a driver’s license issued by a state that is still not compliant with the REAL ID Act (and has not been granted an extension) will need to show an alternative form of acceptable identification for domestic air travel to board their flight.  To check whether your state is compliant or has an extension, click here.  Passengers with driver’s licenses issued by a state that is compliant with REAL ID (or a state that has been issued an extension) will still be able to use their driver’s licenses or identification cards.
  • Starting October 1, 2020, every air traveler will need a REAL ID-compliant license, or another acceptable form of identification, for domestic air travel.

* The above Information can be found here:

How to get a Passport and the Cost of Passport

Its easy you just go to the website and follow the instructions.

1 passport

It’s always good to be safe rather than to be sorry. Get your passport so you don’t run into a travel situation where you need to get somewhere fast but can’t because you don’t have your passport.

Good Luck!


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Do you have your passport ready for travel in the US2

Do you have your Passport? Why or why not? Leave a comment!

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