What is the CSMR and why does California have it?

I live in Southern California where its about 85% sunny most of of the year. I count myself lucky I happened to be born and raised here. My wife is an Army Veteran who now serves  in the California State Military Reserve or CSMR, which is the state defense of California under the exclusive control of the Governor. The CSMR was founded in 1846 and is trained to integrated with their counterparts the National Guard if there a state security emergency, a natural disaster occurs like the Oroville Dam Crisis or if the National Guard is deployed.

I wanted to write about the CSMR so others know there are soldiers in our state of California protecting us. Although, CSMR soldiers might serve federally they serve our state governor who in turn serves the President of the United States. Before my wife took her oath I didn’t realize there was a state military and how they actually fit in. Knowing about the California State Military Reserve has really opened my eyes to the fact that veterans and citizens alike volunteer to serve our state.

Some may not think those who volunteer for for the state military are actually real soldiers.

“However, when on state active duty, CSMR soldiers rank among state active duty members of the California National Guard, which includes both the Army and Air Divisions. All appointments, commissions, warrants, and enlistments are recognized and authorized by the Governor of the State of California through the Adjutant General of the State of California. CSMR members can be called to active duty, have the legal authority to command troops, and participate in real-world missions on the behalf of the Military Department of the State of California. YES, State Military Reserve officers and enlisted soldiers are real.”  – State Military Reserve

Those who volunteer for the CSMR like my wife are not compensated for their time, uniform, or travel expenses. Monthly and yearly training are required to maintain the objective of “Always Ready, Always There” for the state. Although, my wife is not in the Federal Army she serves our great State of California in the Military Reverse. CSMR soldiers can be activated for duty depending on their situation or need within the state. As luck would have my wife was activated to work for the state here in sunny southern California. I feel very fortunate and blessed that my wife loves what she does, in the environment she works in.


Learn more about your state defense force!  There are currently about 22 states that have state defense forces. See if you state has one.

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