The Best Way to Read to the Children in your Life when Far Away

My connection to the military is I grew up with the military in Germany in the ’80s and ’90s. My parents were teachers at DoDDs schools. I was fortunate enough to be there when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed.

I also distinctly remember the beginning of Desert Storm. So many of my friends’ parents were deployed far away from home and family. Those kids had to get through every day not knowing when mom or dad would be home again. If you haven’t experienced that first hand it’s hard to understand the sacrifices that military families make every single day.

Leaving Family Behind

I also remember saying goodbye to my grandparents when we left for Germany. I didn’t know then that I’d only see them briefly a few times again before they passed away. Traveling the world (or across the country) is always an adventure. But it also means leaving behind friends and family and an entire support system that most people take for granted.

My idea to bring Families closer Together

A few years ago I had the idea to create an IPhone App that would allow military families, grandparents and people who travel frequently to record bedtime stories for their kids right on their phone. It took years of trial and error. The name of the finished App is “Just One More Story”. It’s free to download in the IPhone App Store (Android version is coming soon) and it’s $2.99 to record each story.  The App adds a chime whenever it’s time to turn the page. It also includes customized music and an introduction. You can email the finished recording as an mp3 file along with a link to purchase the book on Amazon if your loved one doesn’t already own it.

Connecting my Son with his Grandfather

When I was first developing the App, my father and I created a recording . For the first time I heard him reading to my son. He wasn’t able to do that in person because we live across the country. It made me tear up with happiness. I knew I could share that same happiness with thousands of families all over the world. My hope is that these recordings will become family keepsakes for many years to come.



Hearing from Families

We’re adding new titles all the time. I love hearing from people asking us to add their favorite books. I’d love to hear about your experience as well. I thought of and created the App all on my own, without funding or help from any companies. My hope is that happy parents and grandparents will help me spread the word about it and bring families closer together.

You can watch a short video and a tutorial at You can download the App for free by searching for “Just One More Story” in the App Store on your IPhone.


Blog post written by guest author Bill & Lib Seabrook – Wil’s parents who are also the very fond grandparents of Porter, William, and Tilly who have lived far away.


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How do you connect with family when they are deployed? Share your thoughts and leave a comment.


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