How to be Happy!


Welcome to Happiness Happens Month. What is Happiness Happens Month? I will tell you and hopefully you’ll be happier knowing.

“The Secret Society of Happy People started celebrating happiness with Admit You’re Happy Day on August 8, 1999. But our members wanted to let the happy feeling linger a little longer, so in 2000 we expanded the celebration to the entire month of August. Eventually the month was renamed Happiness Happens Day and Month.”

I didn’t even know Happiness Happens Day existed let alone Happiness Happens Month was celebrated. I stumbled upon this website about happiness and it stuck me. It got me thinking about how I see my world and I was perplexed. I wanted to know about this mystical idea that happiness happens.


I have been trying to figure out, why is it important to be happy? I asked myself, what is my happiness? Is it the love I get from loving my dog? Is the joy I get from wishing my wife goodnight? Is the sweet smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning? Or is it just those simple moments that create my happiness? I wonder and see the everyday small pleasures that make life livable become my happiness. Happiness is important because it gives you strength to look on the bright side of things.

I think happiness is different for everyone. No body can really define your happiness accept you. I feel happiness changes throughout life as distinct experiences are lived, one sees particular perspectives which mold what happiness looks like.


I believe being married to someone in the Military shifts one’s life depending on a PCS Move (Permanent Change of Station), a loved one’s deployment, or a transition period. When the Military is part of life things are constantly changing finding happiness can comfort you in times of need. Experiencing happiness in our lives is so important for our health, our emotional-being, and for our relationships.

Here are my top two reasons how I try and use to find happiness:

Follow my passion

I think it’s important to do the things you love. My passions are reading novels that transport me to another world, designing websites, and writing be it a balance between my poetry or my blog or guest posts on other’s blogs.  A passion is emotion that can evoke strong feelings towards something, so be passionate and love what you do whether is a job or hobby.

Choose to be happy

Life can sometimes fill us up with loneliness, sadness or worry. It’s okay to be feel emotion, but dwelling on negativity for too long can burn out passion and happiness. Smile. There are a millions reasons to smile. Find your smile and choose to be happy life is too short not to be anything expect happy.

Now, join in and see how you can participate in this month’s Happiness Happens Celebration!

Here is the Calendar! Visit the official website below to find out more.



For all of you out there who like quizzes take the How of Happiness Quiz:



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