The Stress FREE way to Enjoy the Holiday Season

It’s July and I am already thinking about the Holidays. I love spending time with my family during the Holiday season. I love the cool weather, warm sweaters, and newest Lifetime Christmas Movies.  In the last few years I have really gotten go a throwing parties at work and setting budgets. I try and use the same type of game plan when it comes to the holidays.

Set  A Budget

No matter how much money you decide to set as your budget a gift is always special coming from you.  Don’t stress to much on your budget there are great place to shop on a budget not to mention utilize sales.

Decide Who Your Buying For

Decide who you are buying for

Write A List

Decide what you are buying

Plan Where to Shop

Look for sales

Select the Stores you want to go to

Shop Early

Plan a day where you can go early to a few stores or late at night or on off days like Monday

Bonus Tips:

  • Handmade Gifts can be fun to make and be made inexpensively
  • Wrap Presents right away
  • Find Hiding Place
  • Buy a few cheap gifts in case unexpected guest visit

Pro Shopper Tips:

  • Use left over wrapping paper from last year
  • After the Holiday purchase supplies you need


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